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Know about Kannauj

Know about Kannauj

Kannauj is a city and it is widely known as Perfumes City of India; It has administrative and a municipal board/Nagar Palika Parishad and situated in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The city’s name is a modern form of the classical name Kanyakubja. It was also known as Mahodaya during the time of Gurjara-Pratihara Emperor Mihira Bhoja, around the 9th century.

Kannauj is famous for hydro distilling of scents is known as India’s perfume capital and is famous for its traditional Kannauj Perfume, a government protected entity, Kannauj itself has more than 200 perfume distilleries and is a market center for tobacco, Ittar/Attar (perfume), and rose water.

The “Ganges” is the main river of Kannauj at the North East border. Kali river is at the northern border of kannaauj while the Ishan river flows through Kannauj.

The climate seems mixed; like it is characterized by a hot dry summer and a pleasant cold season.

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