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Best Places to visit in Kannauj

Best Places to visit in Kannauj

Kannauj, the city of Uttar Pradesh, is one of the few cities of India that stands as an epitome of historical art and culture. It is still the perfume city of the country with bulk production of perfumes. You can spend a vacation in the city to visit the best places. It is a rare opportunity to witness historic extravaganza and pristine landscapes at the same destination.

Gauri Shankar temple

kannauj tourist places - Gauri Shankar Mandir

You can start planning a day in Kannauj with a visit to the Gauri Shankar Baba Temple. It is a popular tourist spot as you have much recreating awaiting at the sire. Extraordinary architecture and innovative layouts are intriguing. The colorful landscapes around add to the beauty. You can shop from nearby stores, selling all types of local merchandise. It’s a perfect destination to visit with family.

Lakh Bahosi

Places to visit in kannauj: Lakh Bahosi Kannauj

If you want to spend some quality time amidst Nature’s bounty, then visit the bird sanctuary that spreads over two shallow lakes or jheels near the Lakh and Bahosi villages. You can get a glimpse of different species of 49 genera. It is almost 35 km from Kannauj. Spreading across a vast area, it is the home to the migratory birds from November till winter is over by March. You can even spot fishing cats, mongoose, blue bulls, and jackal.

Archaeological Museum

Tourist places in kannauj: Archaeological museum of Kannauj
Clay idols in Archaeological Museum of kannauj

The city which has been a witness to the Tripartite Struggle of India must have a rich historical background. And to see the traces of the historical past of kannauj, you can visit the museum any day. You will see a vast collection of clay idols, indicating the rich art and cultural heritage of Kannauj. Antique idols of the Maurya age, Kushar age, Gupta age, Harsh age, and even from the very ancient age are present. The clay models prove the progressive art sense of Kannauj. 

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